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Bird Control & Bird Proofing

What they do – Bird Problems:

  • Birds roosting in unwanted places often results in bird droppings, messy bird nests as well as noise disturbance.
  • Birdlice infestations are found inside buildings adjacent to bird activity. Birdlice causes itching and rashes which can be highly disruptive to staff and the work environment. Bird lice needs the presence of the host (birds) to survive & breed. It is essential to birdproof the area first before bird lice spray is undertaken or else the bird lice may return within days of treatment.
  • Birdproofing involves physically blocking and preventing nuisance birds from roosting in a specific area, and there are many alternative options available (see below).

What you can do – Bird Problem Prevention:

  • Bird control & Bird proofing starts with physical barriers. Block up any obvious points of entry to your building or holes that the birds are using. Ensure you do not trap any birds or their young in nests that may be inside the roof void or factory when you seal up the holes. We do offer this service if you need assistance with closing up the holes (see birdproofing below).
  • Do not leave foodstuffs out that may attract unwanted birds to your premises and remove any spilled grains, seeds etc. Birds are usually a pest in commercial buildings, retail and factory environments, and cleaning up spills of edible product can go a long way to reducing bird populations.

Solutions We Offer

Bird Lice Spray

Birdlice is treated by means of a residual insecticidal spray. Below the ceiling, inside offices or homes and inside factories where birdlice cause problems with staff can also be sprayed on a knockdown basis.

Bird Netting and Bird Mesh

Birds can be prevented from entering a structure by using nylon bird netting or bird mesh. The netting or mesh is anchored to the premises using U.V. resistant cable ties, nylon string, or hilti nails and washers, depending on the structure. Bird-proofing carries a 3 month workmanship guarantee.

Nest Removal

All bird nests (with their young and eggs) are safely removed from the problem area and from site, and the immediate adjacent area cleaned up of nesting material. We suggest a lice spray afterwards

Eagle Eye Bird Prevention

Eagle Eye “Bird Scarer” units can be installed externally on larger buildings and commercial premises. We are an agent for Eagle Eye, and do the initial installation and monthly maintenance servicing thereafter. Installation of Eagle Eye units must be seen as a complete system.

Bird Capture

A bird capture program can be undertaken, where we feed and trap the birds in cages, usually after hours when the staff aren’t on site. We will remove the birds from your premises for safe release.

Nightmare Sound System

The Nightmare Sound system units can be installed in order to control roosting (sleeping) pigeons only. The units emit a combination of high frequency sound that irritates the birds, which are sensitive to the sound made by the Nightmare Sound System and will choose to relocate to other areas.

Bird Spikes

Sets of steel bird spikes are permanently attached to the building at the problem area using a chemical bonding material, to physically prevent feral birds roosting and nesting.

Bird Culling

A bird culling programme can be discussed with us on an individual basis for unique situations with persistent resident birds. This is not undertaken unless there is no other alternative.

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