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 Info About Common Ants, What You Can Do to minimise Ants, and What We Can Do to Solve your Ant Problem! 

What Ants do….

  • Common ants nesting and breeding areas are usually large colonies underground made up of many hundreds of thousands in networks of tunnels.
  • The worker ants forage for food and water on a daily basis. These are the pests that enter our living and working space. Only a small percentage (5-10%) of the colony forages so spraying the foraging ants will have limited effect overall.
  • Common black sugar ants do not cause any structural damage to property, and are quite harmless. They become an irritation and are seen as a pest when present in large numbers.

What you can do…. Tips on Ant Prevention

Do not leave foodstuffs out and open on counters for any length of time, and ensure no traces of anything sweet or sticky is left on surfaces i.e. spilt cooldrinks, crumbs etc that could attract the ants.

Ants breeding outside are commonly found in grass and garden beds that are dry, patchy and struggling. It is very unusual to find ant problems coming from thick, green, lush lawns and flowerbeds. They commonly prefer dry sandy soil, especially around paving areas.

For the best long term results in eradicating ants from your property and from entering your home or office, focus your attention (and money) rather on boosting the health of your lawn by fertilising at least twice per annum. Also ensure any lawn is cut on a higher (longer) setting, and not very short, as some gardeners / garden services like to do.

What we can do for you…. Ant Treatment & Ant Control

Any treatment to the perimeter of the premises is a very effective short-term knockdown aiming to prevent the ants from entering your premises in the first place. It is impossible for us to eradicate the source of the problem under the ground, so we just offer a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

Combined with a perimeter spray to outside walls we also treat inside by means of a residual spray applied to windowsills, skirting boards and problem areas. We can also apply a revolutionary ant bait gel in strategic places inside. This environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless ant gel is a food source that is taken by the ants back down into the nests and kills from within. For best results it does need to be re-applied, and follow-up visits are necessary.

The insecticidal spray treatment leaves a residual of active ingredient behind and this can cause the ants to be stimulated in the process of poisoning. So please do not worry if you notice more vigorous ant activity for a few days after the treatment, as this is quite normal.  The ant activity should decrease after about a week.

Our outside garden & lawn treatments are also very effective in the short term. As this treatment involves applying a water soluble chemical outside, and we cannot control the weather patterns, unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantee.  Rain will wash the chemical away and the UV of the sun also breaks down the active ingredient.  Garden ant treatments are recommended only for the dry winter months.

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