Microbial Fogging for Viruses at Schools, Offices…   My son’s school had an outbreak of Measles this week, with at least one child in his class confirmed to have the viral disease. What would you do if this happened at your child’s school?It is happening more and more often that we hear about these viruses such as Meningitis, Rotavirus, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and Influenza in schools and work / office environments.

Service Master immediately offered to undertake a Microbial Fogging in the classrooms, offices and sickbay to eradicate any and all trace of the virus at the school. Our Microbial Fog treatment is an SABS approved registered product, applied as a misty fog application that kills, on contact, all Viruses and Bacteria.

Viruses are usually transmitted into the air through sneezing, coughing, talking etc and can stay in the environment for some time before making contact with another person. It was important for us to react quickly and have the service done the same day to minimise the risk of the virus spreading to other children at school. There is a residual value which means it kills the virus long after the application was done too.

We do a “litmus paper” type test to confirm the efficacy of the application and we issue a Certificate of Treatment to the school which they can distribute to concerned parents to show that something has been done. The school is also seen to be taking positive preventative action. It really helps.

Next time your child’s school notifies you of a viral outbreak, or your workplace is suffering from Sick Building Syndrome, you don’t have to feel helpless – you know that there is something that can be done about it after all!

You can visit our website at  http://servicemaster.co.za/cleaningservices/microbial-fogging  for more interesting information on safe Microbial Fogging in your work, home or school environment.

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