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All About Woodborer Tented Fumigation, Pros & Cons,
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What is Tented Fumigation?

  • The structure, which could be a house, office building, block of flats, factory etc, is completely covered with tarpaulins, sealed off and Methyl Bromide gas is introduced for a set period of time.
    Woodborer Tented Fumigation

    Woodborer Tented Fumigation

  • Methyl Bromide gas is a very effective fumigant, penetrating into the wood. When the tent is removed, the structure will be completely free of live woodborer.
  • There is no residual value to Methyl Bromide gas. After it has dissipated there are no traces of the fumigant left behind at the property.
  • This means the wood borer are free to swarm in again and re-infest the structure anytime thereafter, but it does take a long time to build up a colony to the extent where it requires fumigation.

Pros and Cons?

Methyl bromide is a fumigant that effectively controls woodborer and can give a 100% eradication against all life stages inside the timber if the tented fumigation is undertaken correctly. It will eradicate woodborer in the roof timbers, joinery, furniture as well as wooden floors and ceilings.

The correct amount of gas must be inserted into the property and it is important for you to know exactly how many kilograms of gas will be used. This is the biggest cost factor in fumigations, and you must be extremely wary of “cheap” quotations, as you will not get the results desired, and will need to redo the fumigation after a short period of time.

The property would need to be vacated for a period of 48 – 72 hours, depending on the type of woodborer and period of exposure required. This includes all people living on the property, even in another structure, as well as pets.

A number of items that may react with the gas would need to be removed from the property prior to fumigation. Preparations for fumigation can be extensive if the property is occupied.

The electricity must be switched off for the duration, so fridges and freezers would need to be emptied.

Any external aerials and satellite dishes that may interfere with the tarpaulins would need to be taken down and replaced thereafter.

Plants growing right up against the outside of the house / structure would need to be moved or may be killed by the gas.

Tented fumigations cannot be undertaken if there are fresh to strong winds predicted. The wind “billows” the heavy tarpaulins which can cause gas to escape and our heavy clamps can severely damage the structure. It is not safe for our staff or the welfare of the building to undertake fumigations in windy conditions.

Methyl Bromide is a highly toxic substance that is not environmentally friendly. It has been banned internationally and is being phased out in South Africa over the next few years.

Sulfuryl Fluoride is being widely used in the USA and Europe as an alternative to Methyl Bromide. We will be the first to offer the option of Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation once it is registered and becomes available in South Africa.

What we can do for you …..

A tented fumigation is a great undertaking and can be extremely stressful. We do our best to prepare our clients well in advance to ensure a successful fumigation on the day. The safety of our staff and your property are of utmost importance to us.

On acceptance of our quotation, we’ll send our head fumigator to meet with you personally at the premises. He’ll run through the process in detail and answer all your queries. A complete list of information with regards to preparations is given, and he will walk through the property with you to identify any potential problem areas and give advice.

We provide assistance where required to ensure the fumigation runs as smoothly as possible, drawing on over 45 years experience. A successful fumigation requires close co-operation between our fumigation team and the property owner.

We understand that postponing a fumigation for weather / wind related reasons at short notice does cause great inconvenience. We do check the long-range weather reports up to a week before the scheduled date, and keep in touch with our clients as to developments in this regard.

Under normal conditions, a fumigation takes 48 hours. You hand over keys and vacate the property on the first day when we arrive on site. We prepare, tent, clamp and gas in to the property on the first day. We leave one of our staff on site for the 18-24 hours that the property is covered by tarpaulin. He is there to ensure safety of the seal and to respond in an emergency should the wind pick up at any time overnight.

After 18-24 hours we return to the property (the second day) and we drop the tarpaulins and uncover the property. The fumigator enters the property with suitable safety equipment and respirator and checks inside for pockets of gas, and initial ventilation is undertaken. On completion of uncovering on the second day you meet us on site and we hand over keys back to you, although you cannot re-enter the premises until the following day.

Our fumigation teams are long-standing employees who have many years experience. They approach each and every fumigation with a professional attitude and are completely loyal and trustworthy.

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