5 Tips on how to keep your guesthouse bed bug free

Posted on: March 14, 2023, in Blog

An infestation of bed bugs in your guest house can be costly in time, money, and peace of mind. Here are our 5 tips to keep your guest house bed bug free:

Keep it clean

Vacuuming on a daily basis is essential! Use the vacuum extension that lets you clean in all corners, especially carpets, Wash fabrics and dry on high heat. Bedding should be changed after each guest visit. If you had an infestation before, but your mattress is still salvageable, vacuum and steam clean it along with the pillows, box spring, and headboard. You can do the same with any furniture near the bed and the baseboard underneath.

Know where to look

Bed bugs leave dark reddish or brown spots in their path especially in cracks and crevices in and around your bed, floorboards, and piles of clutter. Teaching staff the signs of bed bugs can help you spot a problem early so that they can be eradicated before they spread. 

Seal all cracks 

Bed bugs love to hide, so sealing areas where they are known to hide is important. They like to hide in baseboards, so sealing the space between baseboards and walls with caulk can be an easy preventative. 

Clear up the clutter

Cleaning and getting rid of clutter will give them less places to hide and give you more opportunity to find them.


Perhaps the most important thing to realise is that if you see bed bugs you need professional help. There are plenty of pests that can be handled with a DIY approach or by your trained maintenance or cleaning staff. Bed bugs are not one of them. Bed bugs are notoriously resistant to most pesticides.

You’ll have to act fast because bed bugs multiply and move quickly from one room to another. Contact Service Master to assess and quote on the best bed bug control solutions.

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