Creepy facts about Bed Bugs

Posted on: February 28, 2020, in Blog

Does just the mere thought of a bed bug make your skin crawl? Bed bugs can be found all over the world and whether your house is clean or dirty, you run the risk of getting an infestation.

Unlike insects like bees and spiders, they have no known benefits for humans.

Take a look at these creepy facts about bed bugs.

Dogs can sniff out Bed Bugs

Dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs! Bed bugs emit pheromones to enable the dog to detect their unique sent. Once they detect the smell, they will scratch at the spot where the scent is coming from.

They have big appetites

A bed bug can ingest seven times their own weight in blood. That is equivalent to a human adult male holding 450 liters of liquid in his stomach!

You won’t know when they are biting

Bed bugs have a special chemical in their saliva that acts as an anesthesia. That’s why you don’t feel them biting you at night and are only left with bite marks the next morning.

Extreme temperatures kills them

If a bed bug is exposed to temperatures above 48 °C or below -16 °C for more than two to three hours, they will die. No beach days or ski vacations for these little critters!

They don’t eat every day

A bed bug meal consists of biting it’s victim three times in a row. Once they have eaten, they can go without food for up to ten days.

Meal of choice

Even though humans are their first choice when it comes to a tasty meal, they can also live off the blood of dogs, cats, rodents and even birds! They will only revert to biting other animals if human blood is not available.

Getting rid of bed bugs needs a more aggressive treatment than what over the counter insecticides can offer. If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, Contact Service Master to get rid of these tiny pests for good.

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