How to keep flies out of your home and office

Posted on: November 18, 2021, in Blog

Itโ€™s not even summer yet and there has already been an influx of flies buzzing around. Not only are flies unsightly creatures, they are also extremely unhygienic! They spend a lot of their time in refuse bins filled with rotting food and have a possibility of carrying parasites and disease with them. Houseflies also sit on food and will excrete and regurgitate eaten food on the foodstuffs.

Here are a few tips to keep your home and office fly free.

Keep it shut

The best way to prevent flies from coming into your house or worksplace, is to minimise the entrance points. Keep all windows and doors shut or invest in a mesh door and mesh window coverings. These are becoming more and more popular in times of Covid – then you can have much needed ventilation, as well as keep flying insects out.

Keep it clean

The main reason flies will make their way into your home or work is to find food. Make sure your kitchen and/or office area are clean and free from any food debris. Always cover food and wipe up any spills straight away, to prevent flies from contaminating it with germs. Also ensure that your garbage bin is properly closed & clean your kitchen bins regularly. All refuse bins must be thoroughly cleaned / washed inside at least once per week.

What solutions does Service Master have to keep your home fly free?

If you have tried everything, but are still battling to keep your home fly free, contact us for the best fly control solution. We offer the following fly control solutions to keep flies out of your home:

  • Wall mounted insect light trap
  • Ceiling mounted insect light trap
  • Free standing insect light trap
  • Front of house insect light trap
  • Automatic aerosol dispenser

We look forward to assisting you to rid your home or office from flies!

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