Interesting facts about termites

Posted on: March 25, 2020, in Blog

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Termite extermination is one of our most requested services at all of our branches. They can not only cause damage to your furniture, but also in all structural elements of your home which can cause a collapse. 

On a lighter note though, they ARE incredibly fascinating creatures. Here are some interesting facts about termites that you might not know about!

It’s not only New York that never sleeps

Termites are simple organisms and they require no sleep! This means, if you have a termite infestation, they will be busy causing damage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, day in, day out!

They feel their way

Termites workers and soldiers spend most of their live in dark, damp areas, so they do not need to develop their eyesight. Instead they make use of their heightened sense of smell and touch to identify food sources, their enemies and fellow termites.

Stinky stinky

It’s not only humans that flatulate…termites do it too! That explains why there is such a stench around your house if you have a termite colony present.

Unusual communication

Termites might not listen to heavy metal, but they use a head-banging motion to communicate with each other. If danger looms nearby, they will bash their heads against a wall to send vibrations to the rest of the colony as to alert them.

The queen has a personal taster

The queen, being the life giver of the nest, is protected at all cost. She even has personal tasters that samples any food she digests, before she even has a bite.

Termites are a sought after delicacy

In various parts of the world termites are consumed either for nutrition or to treat illnesses. Macu Indians eat termites in times when food is scarce, but in Singapore, they are dipped or soaked in alcohol as a hip snack. The Singaporians also believe that this delicacy relieves headaches and muscle pains and generally improves health. In the Amazon, a sweet soup is made with termites to cure whooping cough!

Alarming numbers

It is no wonder that we get so many requests for termite extermination. The biomass of all the termites in the world is at least as great as that of humans!

Termites might be fascinating creatures, but they are still a big nuisance when you have an infestation at your home. Termite treatment begins with a thorough termite inspection to determine the extent of the infestation, points of entry into the structure, moisture problems and the development of a plan of control. Contact Us today to do a proper inspection of your home and apply the best solution to rid you of these pesky critters.

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