ProFume Explained

Posted on: June 21, 2019, in Blog

Created by expert researchers in pest control, ProFume fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride) is a new fumigant specifically designed to rid households of all their pesky insect pests. Used in the fumigation process, it is able to control pests anywhere they occur within the wood of a building, as well as its household items. Designed for use in a variety of scenarios, ProFume is able to be used in industrial applications for global trade and in mills, food processing facilities, warehouses, storage containers, chambers and transportation vehicles.

ProFume is the proven, trusted treatment used in fumigation, leaving your building 100% free of destructive, unwanted beetle and termites. And because it does not leave surface residues, there’s nothing left to worry about.


To help ensure your family’s safety, a licensed fumigator will:

  • Secure doors on your structure by using deadbolts or additional locking devices to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Open all cupboards, drawers, trunks and vaults to ensure the fumigant quickly dissipates from your location.
  • Use specialized equipment to test the air to ensure the fumigant has dissipated so you may re-enter your structure. The fumigant level must be below the Department of Agriculture requirement — 3 parts per million or less — in all breathing zones. Therefore, as soon as the fumigator clears the structure, you may return to your building.

Should you choose to use our ProFume fumigation service, your location will be prepared by an expert, ensuring guaranteed success from the process. To discuss this any other service, please contact us and speak to one of our trained professionals.

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