Service Master’s Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Explained

Posted on: August 7, 2019, in Blog

Keeping your building as clean as possible is vital in the modern era of business. When a customer drives up to your office, the first impression is often the one that lasts the longest. However, you may be thinking that your windows are too high to be cleaned in an effective way. While that may have been the case in the past, it is certainly not true now. Service Master’s Water Fed Pole System of window cleaning is the most efficient window cleaning service in all of South Africa.

Our Window Cleaning Process Explained

Our amazing new system allows us to reach and clean windows up to a height of 20m while standing on the ground using a light telescopic pole system and purified water with no ladders required. Normal tap water is put through a process of reverse osmosis which filters out all the impurities and minerals, resulting in pure water. This pure water is pumped through the lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles, connected to brushes. The brushes have jets to push the water onto the windows to be cleaned. The dirt is loosened and flushed away by the stream of water jetting out through the poles, and in this way, the windows are cleaned.

The amazing part is when the water dries after cleaning there are absolutely no streaks or water droplet marks whatsoever (which you would get if normal tap water was used!). This is due to the impurities and minerals having been removed from the water before being fed up the poles (by the reverse osmosis process).

Tall buildings are now able to be cleaner than ever before with this revolutionary window cleaning process. Now there are no more excuses for having a dirty office.ย ย Contact us today and book a cleaning with our water fed pole system!

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