Household Pest Control

household pest control

Professional Pest Services for households of all shapes and sizes.

Household Pest Control

  • At some point, every household is likely to have a pest control problem of some kind. General environmental and temperature factors mean that there is a risk no matter how clean a home appears to be.
  • There is a constant growth of the pest population, which adds to the pest problems substantially. For example, Cockroaches breed every 28 days and rats & mice breed every 2-3 weeks.
  • Controlling a pest problem at a location that has children and pets is imperative to their health.

What Pest Services can we offer your household?

  • Service Master will assess and quote for any size household from the smallest bachelor pad to the largest double level mansion, no job is too big or small.
  • Simple to understand “one page” agreements for household pest services. No complicated contracts or detailed small print. We work on ethics, honesty and trust and most of our commercial clients stay with us. Some for over 20 years!
  • We will design a service programme to meet your specific requirements.
  • Service Master’s policy is that top quality service and results can only be produced by people who have excellent practical and technical skills. Ongoing training ensures that they remain proficient and are able to offer you the “service excellence” you expect and we demand. We will take care to fully understand your requirements, and take cognizance of any special requirements that you may have.

What We Can Do: Some of the solutions we offer.

Gel Bait Treatment for Cockroaches

We use a revolutionary Gel bait product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless. Designed to eliminate small and medium-sized Germanica cockroaches inside your premises. This Gel application will take some time to take full effect as it works as a bait. The cockroaches are attracted to the gel as a food source and are poisoned after eating even a tiny amount. The Gel has a secondary poisoning effect and cockroaches are cannibalistic. So the live cockroaches will eat the dead cockroaches and also be poisoned. The Gel remains effective for long after the treatment date. Cockroaches breed every 28 days, so juveniles that hatch after our treatment will also be eradicated.
The cockroach gel service is odourless and safe to apply around people. No interruption to staff or home during our cockroach treatment. Environmentally friendly cockroach control services.


We can also apply revolutionary ant bait gels and granules in strategic places inside. These environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless ant gels and granules are a food source that is taken by the ants back down into the nests and kills from within. For best results it does need to be re-applied, and follow-up visits are necessary.


Tamper-proof rodent boxes (TPRB) enable the control of rodents in “public” and external areas where there is a chance of unwanted access. The bait boxes are secured to the ground with access obtained by a special key of which only you and ourselves have copies. The rodenticide is placed into the boxes. If our contract service for monthly baiting is accepted, we will install them free of labour charge.

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