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Snake Repellent Service Information:

Finding and safely removing a snake from your work or home is a scary experience for most people. So how can you ensure it doesn’t happen again? We have tips to keep snakes away and as well as information on our snake repellent service.

What Is Our Snake Repellent Service?

  • Our snake repellent service involves an external application of a specialised snake repellent chemical around your premises, to minimise the risk of snakes entering your home or place of work.
  •  The snake repellent we use is an approved, tested and patented snake repellent, successful against all snakes whether they are venomous or non-venomous.
  • When applied, the snake repellent creates an invisible barrier that sends a negative signal to snakes, turning them away before they enter the building. The special chemical formula irritates the nasal passages of snakes and as smell is one of their major senses, it is very effective in deterring them.
  • The snake repellent is safe for humans, animals and plant life. Its design is focused towards the conservation of natural resources.
  • The snake repellent used is registered with the Dept of Agriculture in South Africa.


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Snakes love to eat rodents, rats, mice, insects and frogs, so make sure you remove their food source. Practice effective rodent control, don’t leave pet-food out and seal rubbish bins so you are not attracting rats and mice, which in turn attracts snakes.

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Remove hiding places. Cut back plants, bushes and vegetation around your building. Ensure the yard is clear of piles of garden refuse, building rubble, tyres, bricks – basically anywhere that snakes would love to hide. In turn, make sure you remove any rat hiding places too.

Physically block snakes from entering. Seal up all openings, cracks and crevices, check spaces under external doors, seal gaps around holes where pipes enter walls. Also check holes under eaves into your roof and outbuildings, garages and storerooms.

Our Process


Once you have contacted us and we have gathered all the necessary information we need, we will issue you a quotation for your premises. When you choose to undergo the snake repellent service we will then begin to communicate further to set a suitable date for our specialists to come in and apply the chemical.

Set A Date

We check with the client to set a suitable date for the snake repellent service to take place. Evacuation of the premises is not necessary as the snake repellent is safe for humans, animals and plant life.

The Snake Repellent Service

Our snake repellent specialists will arrive at your premises and begin preparation. Once they are ready to apply the chemical they will spray a 1m barrier externally around the ground floor perimeter of the building, with special attention made to spray access doorways and windowsills on the ground floor level.


For best results we recommend it is applied as a residual spray on a Monthly Service basis. While the service is highly effective, there are no guarantees as it is an external treatment and open to the elements.

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