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Interior of modern public restroom

Cleaning & Hygiene Service

All you need to know about our corporate and domestic cleaning services

Our Professional Cleaning & Hygiene Service is aimed at Offices, Schools and all Commercial and Industrial premises. Reliable and well-presented teams on the road ready to take care of the hard dirty work for you. Experienced, honest staff and the best customer service. Call us for your cleaning & hygiene service and you won’t be disappointed.

Our corporate and domestic cleaning services:


Window Cleaning

  • Commercial & Domestic window cleaning – we specialise in cleaning windows in blocks of flats, commercial office buildings and domestic homes.
  • Reverse Osmosis is used to purify the water to leave spotless windows.
  • See our dedicated Window Cleaning Page for more information on these services.
Interior of modern public restroom

Corporate Cleaning & Hygiene service

  • Contract cleaning services for offices/schools/industry on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Once-off office cleaning service.
  • Chemical deep cleaning of toilets.
  • Sanitary bin installation, rental and servicing.
  • Supply of soap dispensing systems, hand dryers, paper towels, deodorisers and deo-blocks for toilets.

Domestic Cleaning

  • Moving house cleaning (usually before a new home owner moves in).
  • Microbial Fogging

Our teams take the greatest care with regards to safety and will assess and advise on alternative solutions. For more information on any of our services Contact us, also to assess, advise and quote for your premises

What We Can Do: Solutions We Offer

Window Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning all windows from homes to blocks of flats to office buildings, nothing is too big or too small. We offer a brilliant new system of Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning which makes previously difficult or inaccessible windows easy to clean. No more ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding for up to 20m.

Microbial Fogging

If your premises has had hygiene problems in the past or if you are experiencing high rates of sickness an  infection in your business or home, Microbial Fogging will be the best bet to reduce risks of family members or employees becoming seriously ill and unable to work.

Corporate Solutions

We offer contract cleaning services to offices, schools, restaurants and just about any other industry you can think of. These solutions include supplying and servicing of sanitary bins, soap dispensers, hand dryers, deoderisers and deo-blocks for toilets. We undertake these services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Domestic Services

Our domestic services include a wide range of solutions from Window Cleaning, Sanitary cleaning of bathrooms and dustbins and chemical deep cleaning of toilets in case of moving into a new home. All these solutions we offer can be once-off or a service agreement may be discussed on an individual basis.

Power Cleaning

Our Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning Service is ideal for cleaning off stubborn dirt and debris
at homes and commercial properties.

Benefits of getting your driveway, walkways and parking area high pressure cleaned:

● High pressure cleaning keeps surfaces looking new and prolongs the lifespan of surfaces
● High pressure cleaning Improves the aesthetics of your property
● High pressure cleaning of surfaces is more cost efficient than having to replacing surfaces
● High pressure cleaning offers a superior result vs domestic washers and scrubbing
● Our basic high pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly, no need for harsh chemicals
● Our high pressure washer uses no electricity (We have a petrol driven pump)
● Our staff take the back breaking labour intensive work on board so you can sit back and enjoy the results
● Only when required, our bio degradable, water based chemicals are used for very stubborn dirt and oil stained surfaces
● Note that routine maintenance is required for oil stained surfaces:
Oil continues to reappear by wicking process (the oil has seeped deep into porous surface and moves upward to the top of surface) The high pressure water jetting will remove surface oils, but unable to remove the deep penetrated oils. This may take a few months of cleaning to gain ultimate results

Give Service Master East Rand a call to freshen up your property with a high pressure clean.




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