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Pest Risks

Risks and problems experienced when having pest problems or infestations at work and at home.

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Most domestic, commercial and industrial pest problems can cause some kind of contamination to products, supplies, foods and affected surfaces. Contamination from pests can vary widely, in the form of diseases from rats or bugs accessing food stocks.


Health Problems

Health risks posed by pests vary widely in all forms of viruses, diseases, infections and other health problems. Contamination of surfaces and food stocks are among the main reasons for health problems being caused by Pests.


Structural Damage

Structural damage caused by pests comes in many forms, from woodborer eating your roof timbers where they breed and colonize, to termites eating away and harvesting the wood from your floor boards and roof.


Electrical Damage

Electrical damage is mostly caused by rats and mice. They gnaw on the wiring in the roofs, walls and floors of your building to wear down their incisor teeth which are constantly growing. This will then put you at risk of fires due to electrical faults.


Fire Risk

Once pests have caused any amount of electrical damage to a structure, there is instantly an inherent risk of fires being caused by electrical faults. This can be relatively easily fixed but are easily prevented by undergoing integrated pest management practices.


Financial Risk

All of the pests we encounter can at some point cost you quite a lot financially, especially if any of the above mentioned problems have been experienced. All problems we encounter can cost you dearly when running a business and dealing with structural or health problems.


Legal Problems

Food and Health industry clients who need health and quality certifications to trade in their industry need no introduction to the legal risks you incur if pests find their way into your business. Avoid legal action by consumers and industry governing bodies by preventing pests.


Commercial & Industrial

Click here for more information on the commercial pest in your business. No matter what kind it is, we will know how to take care of the problem.

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