ThermaTreat® Heat Treatment


ThermaTreat® Information

ThermaTreat® is a new patented heat treatment process that will completely eradicate woodborer and other wood-destroying insects in roof timbers, without using any toxic chemicals.

Woodborer & Drywood Termite Heat Treatment:

  • Up to now, the only existing method of complete 100% eradication of woodborer in a roof has been Methyl Bromide Tented Fumigation. The entire building has to be completely covered and sealed with tarpaulins and clamps, and very toxic Methyl Bromide gas is introduced. The building has to be vacated for 48 – 72 hours and a number of items removed from the property.
  • Service Master offers their ThermaTreat® service as an alternative, with 100% eradication of all life-stages of woodborer. Heat is slowly introduced into the roof void, and maintained for a period of time depending on the volumetric space. When the optimum heat has been maintained the temperature is brought back down to normal. The entire process is monitored with special thermocouples and probes inside the roof timbers to ensure success, and certification is given thereafter.
  • The heat literally kills all insects living inside the wood timbers, without damaging or warping the wood in any way.

Benefits of ThermaTreat® Heat Treatment:

  • The structure below the roof is not affected by the heat and the building does not have to be covered with tarpaulins.
  • The property only has to be vacated in the morning and can be re-occupied in the late afternoon – no need to vacate for 2 days.
  • There is very little preparation that needs to be done and nothing needs to be removed from the building below the roof.
  • There is no risk of damage to the external structure as per tented fumigation. Work is done from inside and no weight is placed on top of the roof.
  • It is a very safe and environmentally friendly treatment – work is undertaken inside the roof / ceiling void and no toxic chemicals are used.
  • ThermaTreat® is an ideal maintenance treatment for those living in the woodborer flight path, the entire east cost of KZN. The process is especially exciting for blocks of flats or office buildings that would find it difficult to vacate the entire building for 48 hours to enable treatment.

Our Process

Request ThermaTreat®

Please let us know when booking your Woodborer Assessment that you would like to look at the option of ThermaTreat, so that we can be sure to send a technician with the necessary specialized experience and knowledge of ThermaTreat.

Before ThermaTreat®

Prior to undertaking a ThermaTreat, an on-site visit must be undertaken to identify the roof’s suitability for this type of treatment. We also need to identify any potential problem areas, access to the roof void, evidence of bats / birds nests in the roof, insulation and wiring etc. Thereafter we can instruct you of any preparation we need you to implement before the treatment to ensure safety and success on the day.


We can assess your roof for ThermaTreat at the same time as our regular Woodborer Assessment is undertaken. While in the roof assessing the extent and nature of woodborer activity, we can determine if your roof would be suitable for us to undertake a ThermaTreat.

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