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Professional Window Cleaning Services in South Africa

We offer a brilliant new system of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning which makes previously difficult or inaccessible windows easy to clean. No more ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding… See more details below.

What We Offer:

  • Commercial & Domestic Window Cleaning – we specialise in cleaning all windows from homes to blocks of flats to office buildings, nothing is too big or too small.
  • Once off or Contract window cleaning offered, depending on your requirements. Reduced prices for regular cleaning services!
  • You can specify exactly what you want us to clean such as only internal surfaces and/or external surfaces, only inaccessible windows etc.
  • We do also offer conventional methods such as ladder access window cleaning, scaffolding and cherry picker services.
  • Rope access is also available for inaccessible external windows higher than 20m.
  • Our teams take the greatest care with regards to safety and will assess and advise on alternative solutions.

Reverse Osmosis Water Fed Pole System

  • Our amazing new system allows us to reach and clean windows up to a height of 20m, while standing on the ground using a light telescopic pole system and purified water. No ladders required.
  • Normal tap water is put through a process of Reverse Osmosis which filters out all the impurities and minerals, resulting in pure water.
  • This pure water is pumped through the lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles, connected to brushes. The brushes have jets to push the water onto the windows to be cleaned.
  • The brushes loosen the dirt which is flushed away by the stream of water jetting out through the poles, and in this way the windows are cleaned.
  • The amazing part is when the water dries after cleaning there are absolutely no streaks or water droplet marks whatsoever (which you would get if normal tap water was used!). This is due to the impurities and minerals having been removed from the water before being fed up the poles (by the reverse osmosis process).


Advantages of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

  • No chemicals are used – super environmentally friendly way to clean windows.
  • Safer system – we work from the ground so less risk of damage to your building or gardens and less risk to our staff working at heights.
    No ladders / scaffolding / rope access / expensive cherry pickers for buildings up to 20m.
  • Quicker than other window cleaning methods – less time on site so less distraction for you.
  • Pure water sterilises the window surface so it stays cleaner for longer.


Our Process


Once you contact our offices we will make arrangements to send someone to you to assess your windows. In the greater Durban area our window cleaning assessment is done at no charge. We need to send a qualified expert to have a look at how accessible your windows are, what different methods would be best for your particular premises (work or home), and discuss your needs in more detail with you.

Custom Quote

You can choose whether you would like all surfaces inside and outside cleaned. Some clients only want their external windows cleaned, particularly the difficult to access ones. Cleaning of window frames is also optional. You let us know and we will customize our window cleaning quotation for you.

Flexible Services

We also fit in with your needs in terms of offering once off ad-hoc services when you decide you need them or alternatively we can do regular monthly, 2-monthly, quarterly or six monthly services. We will arrange an easy, flexible plan for you.

Service Excellence

Once our quotation is accepted we will automatically contact you to book and undertake your services. You do not need to remember each month or when they are due, your window cleaning will just happen!

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