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Common Cockroaches in South Africa

Cockroaches are scavenging insects that are best identified by their beetle-like bodies and long antennae and legs. They are part of the order Blattodea and are often found in human locations. Their social structure means that they often shelter together in places of various temperature types. Service Master’s cockroach control solutions include Gel Bait Treatment, Residual Spray and Thermal Fogging. Using our services means that your cockroach control needs are adhered to completely and your location is cleaner than ever before.

What They Do: Why are Cockroach Control Services critical? Cockroach & Roach Problems


Cockroaches or roaches forage for food at night and can migrate from one premises to another through sewers and underground drains.


They spread diseases through contamination of foodstuffs, including polio, hepatitis, salmonella, hookworm and tapeworm.


They are very sensitive to vibration and disturbances and will quickly scurry for cover.

What You Can Do: Cockroach & Roach Prevention


Cockroaches or roaches are found mainly in kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards, electrical boxes, manhole drains and sewers, preferring dark damp areas, so keep these areas as clean and dust-free as possible.


Cracks and crevices in tiles, walls, backs of cupboards, etc should be sealed up, as this will eliminate cockroach harbourage areas.


Kitchen grease is a great attractant and food source for cockroaches, so check underneath and behind appliances such as the fridge, stove, microwave etc and spring clean regularly.


The more you can do to minimise breeding areas, the more chance you have of not needing our cockroach control services.

What We Can Do: Solutions We Offer – Our Cockroach Control Services

Gel Bait Treatment for Cockroaches

We use a revolutionary Gel bait product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless. Designed to eliminate small and medium sized Germanica cockroaches inside your premises. This Gel application will take some time to take full effect as it works as a bait. The cockroaches are attracted to the gel as a food source and are poisoned after eating even a tiny amount. The Gel has a secondary poisoning effect and cockroaches are cannibalistic. So the live cockroaches will eat the dead cockroaches and also be poisoned. The Gel remains effective for long after the treatment date. Cockroaches breed every 28 days, so juveniles that hatch after our treatment will also be eradicated.
The cockroach gel service is odourless and safe to apply around people. No interruption to staff or home during our cockroach treatment. Environmentally friendly cockroach control services.

Residual Spray for Cockroaches

We’ll lift and spray any accessible manhole cover drains with a residual insecticidal roach spray as a knockdown for the large Americana cockroaches that live in the drains, if applicable.
The maximum benefit of our cockroach control systems will be obtained if basic hygiene standards are achieved and the premises are kept thoroughly clean at all times.

Thermal Fogging for Cockroaches

Should you have a sub-floor or crawlspace underneath your premises, or a warehouse or archives where the cockroaches are breeding, we can use a thermal fogger to pump a thick white smoke-like chemical into the area. It dissipates into every crack and crevice and is a most effective knockdown in an area of this nature. We can also use our special canister foggers which achieve the same knockdown effect in ceilings, small rooms, etc. There’s a limited residual value to fogging but it is a very effective cockroach control services method.

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