Top 5 Summer Pests

Posted on: January 31, 2020, in Blog

We all enjoy the warmer months – spending time outside and braaing (as much as possible), but unfortunately, due to insects being more active, summer pests can put a damper on this fabulous time of the year.

We had a look at the top 5 summer pests you must be on the look out for this sunny season.


The worker ants forage for food and water on a daily basis. These are the pests that enter our living and working space. Do not leave food out or open on counters for any length of time, and ensure no traces of anything sweet or sticky is left on surfaces i.e. spilled cooldrinks, crumbs etc that could attract the ants.


Flies are among some of the most unhygienic insects in the world. They spend a lot of their time in refuse bins filled with rotting food and have a possibility of carrying parasites and disease with them. Houseflies also sit on foods and will excrete and regurgitate eaten food on the foodstuffs.


Mosquitoes are technically flies and are part of the family Culcidae. Many of the Mosquito species are known for the fact that they suck the blood of hosts, including humans. In the worst cases, they have been known to carry diseases such as Malaria.


Cockroaches can carry a variety of diseases including Salmonella, Hepatitis and Polio. A deadly threat within your place of business or home.


Fleas depend on blood to survive. In many cases, fleas venture indoors when their previous host is no longer around. Once indoors, they often focus their attention on hosts within the house.

Some pests can be exterminated with one treatment, but others might require follow up treatments to completely eradicate the problem. Contact Service Master today to advise and administer the best treatment for your home or business to enjoy a pest free summer!

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