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Home cleaning hacks

We took a look at a few amazing home cleaning hacks.


Which commercial & industrial pest control and other services do we offer for businesses?

Service Master offers a range of industrial pest control and other services to businesses.


3 Best Ways to Avoid Spreading Germs at Work

The sad truth is that an office is a hotbed for bacteria. With so many individuals coming in from various locations, the chances of the employees catching something at some point is unfortunately high.


3 Best Ways to Naturally Prevent Germs in Your Home

Getting sick is the last thing you want when it comes to your family’s wellbeing. Keeping every person in your home healthy is an absolutely imperative task. Sadly, houses are often the breeding ground of many bacteria that can cause your loved one’s harm.


Why Household Hygiene is So Important

When household cleaning comes to mind, the first thought that pops up is changing the appearance of the location. Whether it is removing dirt from a floor or wiping smudges from a window, cleaning is seen as a visual effort. The truth is, cleaning goes far beyond this.


Measles Outbreak At School Controlled With Microbial Fogging

Recently at my son’s school there was an outbreak of Measles, with at least one child in his class confirmed to have the viral disease. What would you do if this happened at your child’s school?

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