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The Importance of Spiders to The Environment

While there is a chance you may get bitten by these arachnids, the odds are low and most spiders venom is very moderate. In fact, spiders play a vital role in the environment and without them, the earth would be a very different place.


Spider Control: How to Prevent Spiders in Your Home

Feared by many, spiders are often seen as one of the most dangerous pests that you can have. While this is true sometimes, in most cases this is not.ย Although South Africa is home to 3000 known species of spiders, almost none of them are actually poisonous or harmful.


What is Biting You? What insects are bugging you?

When you complain of being bitten, we need to first find out exactly what pest we are dealing with in order to best advise the correct pest control process. Please keep samples of any specimens in question. Sometimes the answer is obvious yet other times it is a real challenge to identify the culprit.

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