The Importance of Spiders to The Environment

Posted on: July 26, 2019, in Blog

Seemingly everywhere, spiders can be found in practically every region of the world. In South Africa specifically, there seems to be an overabundance of them, creating fear in many people that see them as a huge danger. While there is a chance you may get bitten by these arachnids, the odds are low and most spiders venom is very moderate. In fact, spiders play a vital role in the environment and without them, the earth would be a very different place.

Although they are seen as pests themselves, spiders eat a lot of insects. In fact, in most ecosystems spiders act as agents of population control, ensuring insect numbers are not overwhelming. Identified as generalist consumers, they also prey on a variety of organisms beyond insects, regulating the density of the species they go after. In this regard, they also benefit humans, as they eat pests such as mosquitoes, which can be deadly if carrying diseases. In an indirect way, they also help us by consuming agricultural insects like grasshoppers and beetles, that feed on the crops being harvested for food.

While they may seem creepy when hidden in the corner of your bathroom at night, just remember the important role they play in the overall ecological system. Not only do they assist the environment by controlling insect populations but they also assist humans directly by stopping other pesky pests from reaching us. While the presence of spiders is often not ideal, and there may be cases when they need to be controlled, it must be noted the key role they play in the world around us.

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