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The 4 Pillars of Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management – pest control that’s effective, eco-friendly, and easy on the environment.


Amazing insect defence mechanisms

If you are a tiny insect, your main concern is protecting yourself against natureโ€™s elements and predators.


Record breaking insects

It is not only the animal kingdom that boasts world record creatures. Insects also hold quite a few titles in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Brilliant bees that waggle with intent

Itโ€™s now common knowledge that bees communicate by dancing. But the extent of their intelligence deserves a hard look at just how smart insects are.


Alternative uses of insects

It comes as no surprise that humans have come up with weird, and some wonderful ways, to benefit from insects.


Amazing insects of the world

These amazing insects will definitely blow your mind!


Integrated Pest Management

IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.


Top 5 Spring Pests

Springtime is here! It might be the most beautiful time of the year, but with the start of spring, various pests also rear their ugly heads.


Precautions you can take to aid pest prevention when your business closes for December

We had a look at which pest prevention measures you can take when you are closing down your business during December.

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