Precautions you can take to aid pest prevention when your business closes for December

Posted on: December 3, 2020, in Blog

Many businesses have lost a lot of trading hours this year due to different levels of restrictions during COVID-19. Some businesses will still be closing over the December holidays. 

Pests, such as flies, ants & cockroaches will be running havoc during this time, due to less office traffic. This might lead to you having to face a pest invasion when you reopen for business in January.

We had a look at which pest prevention measures you can take to help curb this from happening.

These types of pests usually feast on decaying matter and leaving food stuff out, that can attract these unwanted guests. Ensure all sources of food and water is removed from your office area. If you have guard dogs on the premises, ensure their food is stored in enclosed containers.

If there are cluttered areas or spaces where pests can hide, clear and open these up so that they can’t use it as shelter.

Cracks and holes in the building can cause pests to gain access to your offices. Seal and close off any cracks and holes to eliminate outside entry. This also applies to anyplaces where pests can enter your roof or basement.

A proper “spring clean” all over your business and vacuuming all carpets before you close up, will also prevent any insect eggs lying dormant. If you are using your vacation home during the holidays, please keep this in mind as well, to ensure you don’t have an infestation when you return again. It is also advisable that you aerate all mattresses, blankets and pillows & leave all closet doors open.

These precautions are essential to aid in pest prevention at your business, but unfortunately, even with your best efforts, you might still be faced with a pest issue when you return in the New Year. Contact Us to assess the situation or to book a pest control service.

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