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More interesting facts about Termites

We delighted you with fascinating facts about Termites last year. There is so much more to Termites and thought youโ€™d enjoy these facts about them as well.


Termite Control: Solving Your Subterranean Termite Invasion

While some pests may display a direct threat to humans, there are others that are dangerous in alternate ways. Subterranean Termites are known as one of the most harmful insects because of their wood destroying capabilities.


3 Best Ways to Naturally get rid of Termites in Your Home

Although very small, Subterranean Termites are one of the most dangerous pests you can have. Follow this advice and avoid damage before it is too late.


What is Integrated Pest Management? (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective, efficient and environmentally conscious approach to pest control that works with a combination of common-sense practices. A successful IPM program uses comprehensive knowledge on the living habits and life cycles of pests and their effect on the environment.

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