3 Best Ways to Naturally get rid of Termites in Your Home

Posted on: August 14, 2018, in Blog

When a person thinks about the most dangerous pests, the first that come to mind are likely those that cause direct harm. These would include snakes, spiders and a variety of others that attack humans face to face. However, there is a class of pest that will generate damage in other ways that are just as costly. Included in this group is Subterranean Termites (or white ants). This article aims to assist with tips on how to naturally get rid of Termites.

Subterranean Termites are extremely hazardous as they have been known to inflict costly amounts of structural destruction to homes. They work together in large groups and infest a location, spawning nests for their habitat. From there, these insects work their way into the wood of the building searching for areas of decay. Once this has been found, they feed, which leaves destruction and ruin in their wake. The degeneration produced by these pests has been known to cost homeowners thousands of rands on the low end of the scale. It is therefore imperative that you get rid of termites before this happens. Thankfully by following some simple methods, you can solve your termite problem before it becomes too late.

3 Simple Things You can do to Naturally get rid of Termites in Your Home

  1. Investigate Signs of Damage. The first thing you need to do is identify the issue you have. Looking for disrupted wood as well as listening for a faint ticking noise can tell you where colonies might be. Some infestations are obvious while others are not. It is therefore important to identify both. With this discovery you are now better prepared deal with the concern.
  2. Remove Moisture. Now that you have found a troubled area, you can start to solve the problem. Firstly, If there is one area that termites love to explore its those that are rich in moisture. Focusing on making sure that the inside of your home (and its foundation outside) is dry can prove to be a vital element in termite eradication. Doing this gives these pests one less place that they will thrive most in.
  3. Direct Sunlight. While termites love water, they absolutely despise warmth. When they are exposed to constant sunlight, Termites have been known to die off due to its unforgiving heat. This explains why colonies will often reside under plants or away from the sun. Clearing any cover takes away any kind of protection that they used to have, killing them naturally.

Following these steps can positively help any household that may be involved in a Termite crisis. However, there are times that the epidemic is beyond natural remedies. This is where Service Master steps in. Service Masterโ€™s termite control solutions include Assessments, Spot Treatments and 5-year Guarantee Treatment. Contact us today for the very best in pest control solutions.

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