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The likelihood of a 2nd Wave of COVID-19 hitting South Africa: Be Prepared

A 2nd Wave of COVID-19 in South Africa is quite possible. We are now on Level 5, but we’re not out of the woods yet.


Why it is important to use legitimate products for virus control

There are so many “fly by night” operators offering various services that will simply NOT eradicate viruses effectively.


How to make your own no-sew face mask

Not everyone is skilled with sewing. Take a look at this easy no-sew face mask you can make at home.


Advise on how to protect yourself in times of a virus outbreak


Microbial Fogging and How it Works

Buildings often need to be treated the same as a human body, applying a solution to prevent (and sometimes cure) an infection. The number one method to do this is via microbial fogging.


Measles Outbreak At School Controlled With Microbial Fogging

Recently at my son’s school there was an outbreak of Measles, with at least one child in his class confirmed to have the viral disease. What would you do if this happened at your child’s school?

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