Why it is important to use legitimate products for virus control

Posted on: June 30, 2020, in Blog

Service Master microbial fogging is professionally undertaken, with a special litmus paper test done in the field to prove efficacy, as well as virus control sticker, door hanger and official Certificate of Treatment being left on site for display afterwards or to provide to the Dept of Health. We use a concentrated antimicrobial solution tested and proven for virus control, and registered with the NRCS. The concentrated antimicrobial solution we use contains not one, but TWO of the WHO recommended active ingredients in this proudly South African product. 

There are so many “fly by night” operators offering various services that will simply NOT eradicate viruses effectively. Check if the product being used is legitimately and properly registered. The product label needs to show the active ingredients and the NRCS Reg Number. It should look something like this: ACT29GNRS29/242056/040/496.

The company offering the fogging should also be willing and able to provide the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet for the product on request.  Check the active ingredients and google the WHO recommended products for virus control. It can be a very interesting exercise. 

There is a MASSIVE problem with all manner of treatments being undertaken using products that are not registered or tested for virus control. There is a huge difference between bacteria and a virus! Viruses are generally a much smaller particle size than a bacteria and not visible to us humans. Hence the need for a specific ultra low volume fogger – you can only see some of the particles of fog as they first come out of the machine, but the rest you can feel but not see! We’ve even seen scary footage of “professional” companies doing “virus control” work using common pressurised hand pumps, backpack sprayers, and we even saw someone use one of those old “smoke machines” that used to pump smoke into nightclubs and discos back in the 80’s.

If the droplet size coming out of the equipment and that is applied on the walls and surfaces, is bigger than the virus, there will be “gaps” in the application where the virus would perhaps not be fully eradicated. Basically, if there is a virus present, it will survive the treatment application. ULV foggers give an application particle size of 10 – 50 microns that is needed to eradicate viruses.

If you want to know more about what to watch out to ensure you are using a legitimate virus control treatment, read this article we posted before.

If you want to book a microbial fogging treatment through Service Master, Contact Us, you can be assured that we use the best, most effective, registered microbial fogging products on the market!

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