COVID-19: How to stay safe when you are out and about

Posted on: August 4, 2020, in Blog

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been essential to practice social distancing and to endeavour to go out in public only when necessary.

When you do have to go out, here are a few guidelines to help you stay safe when you are out and about.

Grocery stores

Most major grocery store chains have online ordering available. If you feel at ease with shopping for your weekly groceries online, rather go this route to minimise in store traffic. Some smaller stores might even have a home delivery service as well, so give them a call before you head out to the shops.

To make social distancing easy, visit the grocery store early in the morning or late at night, when the store might be less crowded. If you’re at higher risk of serious illness, find out if the store has special hours for people in your situation and shop during these times.

Also make a shopping list, so that you don’t forget to buy something.


If you need to go pick up your prescription at the pharmacy, give them a call beforehand, so that they can get your prescription ready so that you can just pick it up. If your medical insurance allows it, ask the pharmacist to give you supply for more than one month.


Try and use online banking whenever possible and if you draw money from the ATM, wipe the touchpad with an alcohol wipe before  and sanitise your hands after using it. When you are in the shops, rather tap with your card to pay for the purchase. Remember that you can also reorder your card online and have it delivered to your home or business.

Hair and Beauty Salons

Ideally, the salon will stagger appointments to limit how many people are in the facility at the same time. If you arrive early for your appointment, rather wait in your car or outside until your appointment starts. In addition, eliminating blow drying could reduce the spread of germs. You can also wash your hair at home before your appointment to reduce the time you spend at the salon.

It is great that more businesses can now operate and that they have the necessary disinfecting protocols in place, but what to do when a positive Covid19 case is confirmed linked to the premises? That is when it is a good idea to call in the professionals to do a microbial fogging treatment – but make sure they are using ULV cold fogger equipment and registered products! Done properly with the right product this service can literally eradicate the entire organic viral load in the premises. 

Fogging gets the antimicrobial solution into every nook and cranny where no amount of hand wiping can possibly reach. The Microbial part means the fog is applied in a tiny microscopic particle size – as small as the virus – so there is a complete eradication result without any gaps.

Contact Us today to book your Microbial Fogging Service.

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