How to make your own no-sew face mask

Posted on: May 8, 2020, in Blog

At first we were told that only people that deal with coronavirus patients or those suffering from the disease have to wear a facemask. Many of us have anyway opted to wear a facemask when going out in public, for you never know from whom we get into contact with might be infected.

There are various patterns available on the internet, but if you donโ€™t have sewing skills, here is an easy no-sew mask you can make at home with minimal resources or skills required.

You will need:

Bandana or any square piece of cloth

2 x Elastic hairbands


Put a bandana, print side down on a flat surface. Fold the bandana in half and then in half again.


Place elastic bands on each side of the folded bandana.


Fold in the flaps on the right and left.

Your face mask is now ready to use! If you want a more detailed description, watch the video below.

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