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How to Spot Pests When Buying a New Home

Use the below checklist to pre-check your prospective new home before clinching the deal.


Looters bring rats to town

Winter is our biggest rat treatment time. All the chaos and dirt in our cities after protests and looting, will cause them to breed even more prolifically than usual.


Why are rats and mice more active during winter?

Rats and mice donโ€™t hibernate during winter, but they do become less active and seek refuse indoors homes seeking warmth and food sources.


Diseases caused by Rodents

Mice can be quite cute and you might not think much of it when one scurries past you at your…


Skittering in Your Roof: 3 Tips to get rid of Mice in Your Home

There may be moments when you are lying in bed in the dead of night and your hear the sound of scratching above you. The presuming thought may be that you have a rat moving around in your roof.


Rats! Why They Venture Indoors When it’s Cold

During the cold seasons, rats breeding habits slow down but their basic needs become considerably more pertinent.


Help! Thereโ€™s a Rat in My Food.

The eight specially trained canine crime fighters are kennelled at Shongweni with a vast expanse of sugarcane land surrounding their lodgings. Upper Highway volunteer supporters of the unit became concerned for the health and wellbeing of the animals when it became evident they had a rather LARGE rodent problem!

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