Looters bring rats to town

Posted on: August 6, 2021, in Blog

Winter is our biggest rat treatment time. All the chaos and dirt in our cities after protests and looting, will cause them to breed even more prolifically than usual. Despite ongoing community cleanups, we are expecting a bigger than usual rodent problem this winter.

Rats and mice live wherever they find food – in domestic houses, factories, warehouses, underground drains and sewers. They damage structures, eat stored foods and contaminate foodstuff with droppings, urine and hair.

We offer the following rat control services:

Commercial & Industrial

We offer full food safety standard (HACCP) and audit documentation (on request) and our monthly rodent treatment programs are fully compliant and gauranteed.

Rodenticide Treatments

We have a range of rodenticides that we use for rat or mice infestation like wax blocks, liquid bait, tracking powder, rodent paste, mouse repellents, snapper traps, glue traps and some others are used in our process. Including non-toxic monitoring baits and other environmentally friendly solutions.

Tamper-proof rodent boxes

Tamper proof rodent boxes (TPRB) enable the control of rodents in “public” and external areas where there is a chance of unwanted access.

Monthly Services

To ensure your rat problem is kept under control at your business,  we recommend regular monthly treatments in order to maintain maintain control all year round. This way you can prevent a major problem and being overrun in spring or when it warms up.

Contact  Service Master today for the best rat control solution for your business to ensure a rodent free environment.

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