Rats! Why They Venture Indoors When it’s Cold

Posted on: July 5, 2018, in Blog

To many, the arrival of winter may seem to be a season of decline for pests. In many cases this is in fact true. Most insect’s types withdraw themselves during colder periods. This is because many of the adults go into hibernation while the laying of eggs slows down because of the diminished survival rate. While there may be a decline in the number of ants crawling about your location, some pests seem to become more frequent during this time period. One of them being rats and their need to find sources of heat and ultimately warmth.

During winter, rats breeding habits do slow down, however their basic needs become considerably more pertinent. In order to survive, rats need a constant source of food and warmth. Because of the harsh conditions that colder times of the year bring, this can be a much more difficult task. The typical life for rats during much of the year consists of them outside because of the abundance of both heat and food. When the degrees begin to drop these requirements are notably less available outdoors. What this does is drive rats indoors, where the aforementioned elements are available in abundance. They then begin to build nests and scavenge for food to see them through the winter. If this happens in your household, the only logical plan of action would be seeking pest control help. Service Master Professional Services offers just that.

Service Master offers a multitude of rat control solutions, that rid your location of its rat invasion. These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Rodenticide Treatments – We have a range of rodenticides that we use for cases of rat infestation in different areas, depending on your unique situation and safety needs. These treatments include wax blocks, liquid bait, tracking powder, rodent paste, and snapper traps; just to name a few
  2. Tamper-Proof Rodent Boxes – Tamper proof rodent boxes (TPRB) enable the control of rodents in “public” and external areas where there is a chance of unwanted access. The bait boxes are secured to the ground with access obtained by a special key of which only you and ourselves have copies. From there, the rodenticide is placed into the boxes and the pest control process can begin.
  3. Domestic Rodent Control – Our most successful rodent treatments usually involve visiting your property (office/factory/home) more than once. We do an initial treatment and at least one follow-up visit to re-bait problem areas. Rats breed so quickly that a once-off treatment is not usually enough to control the rat problem. We recommend Monthly Services in high risk locations in order to have total peace of mind.

With Service Master, you no longer have to worry about rats infiltrating your location. Our time-tested methods have proven to be continuously successful and completely beneficial for all the clients we have worked with.

Contact us today to request a quote for your specific needs.

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