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The Disturbing Truth: Disgusting Facts About Flies

From their breeding habits to their feeding preferences, flies harbor a multitude of unsettling traits.


Crazy mosquito & fly facts

We did a bit of investigating, to see if there are any redeeming qualities to these two summer pests.


How to keep flies out of your home and office

Here are a few tips to keep your home and office fly free.


Top 5 insect movies

Here are our top 5 favourite insect inspire movies.


Types of Flies found in South Africa

On the surface, most flies are harmless, even though extremely irritating, but due to their unsanitary nature, they can spread various dangerous diseases.


Top 5 Summer Pests

Here are the top 5 summer pests you must be on the look out for this season.


Why are there more flies in summer?

Every summer it’s the same thing – flies everywhere. Why are there more flies in summer and what can you do to curb this infestation?


Keep Your Business Fly Free with Service Master

Flies are small flying insects known for being a massive nuisance, especially during these humid summer days. They wonโ€™t cause any structural harm but the damage to your reputation is hard to turn around.


3 Best Ways to Naturally get rid of Flies in Your Home

Perhaps the most annoying pest of them all, flies can cause a huge problem when left uncontrolled. Here are some helpful tips that allow you to get rid of flies in your home!

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