5 Autumn Pests

Posted on: May 10, 2022, in Blog

As the summer heat is simmering down and the cool of autumn blowing in, a variety of insects and rodents seek out shelter, food and warmth indoors.

To keep out these critters, the following few precautions can be set in place, to deter insects from entering our home.

  • Seal all gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior and interior.
  • Eliminate excess moisture, especially in basements, attics, bathrooms, and kitchens
  • Remove potential food sources by sealing all garbage, storing food in airtight containers and be careful not to leave any food out.

Even if you do take precautions, you might still find insects invading your home. These are the 5 most common pests you might encounter in your home during autumn:


Spiders of all varieties get a little stir-crazy during autumn – their mating season – and literally come out of the woodwork in search of a mate. To discourage them from settling in your house, remove webs promptly, and turn off exterior lights at night. Lights attract insects, which in turn attract spiders searching for food.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are highly active in autumn. These little critters feed, breed and move about during the cold months. They live anywhere –  a home, office, public building or elsewhere. The cold autumn air certainly plays a role in bed bugs seeking warmth indoors. However, bed bugs are that much more active in these months partially because people are highly active in autumn.

Mice & Rats

Rodents also search for food and warmth in cooler weather, making your home a safe haven.  Seal all gaps and openings around your home’s exterior and around plumbing and clean up and declutter any garden debris outside.


Even though cockroaches have been known to withstand below-freezing temperatures, they still prefer the warmth of your home during autumn. They look for sheltered areas to go where they’ll be protected from the cold. For some cockroaches, this means finding a way into homes and businesses, so they can search for crevices, wall spaces and other hidden areas that provide them with safe shelter during the day.

Has your home or business become home to any of the above pests? Contact Service Master to advise and administer the best course of action.

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