5 Interesting facts about mosquitoes

Posted on: October 8, 2021, in Blog

As it is getting hotter, mosquitoes are also starting to appear again. Even though mosquitoes are annoying, they are quite interesting critters. Here are a few unique facts about mosquitoes.

They can identify their prey by smell

A study that was conducted and published in the Biology Journal revealed that mosquitoes’ brains consist of certain dopamine levels that teach them what to avoid and where to return.

The study proved that mosquitoes not only like the human smell but also have the ability to rapidly learn and remember odours emitted by their host.

Mosquitoes don’t have teeth

Even though we talk about getting a mosquito bite, mosquitoes don’t have teeth, but do have a needle like tube that they pierce your skin with and suck our blood.

They have their own unique “love language”

When a male and female mosquito meet and decide to mate, their wing beats actually synchronize to the same speed.

Preferred diet

You’d be surprised to learn that humans aren’t actually mosquitoes’ first choice when it comes to meal times. They usually prefer horses, cattle, and birds.

Short life expectancy

The average mosquito lives less than two months. Males live 10 days or less while females can live up to eight weeks.

Our mosquito control methods include Sanitation Cleaning, Residual Insecticidal Sprays, Recommending Preventative Measures and Installation of Insect Light Trap Units.

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