5 Tips to reduce the risk of Silverfish damage to your clothing during storage.

Posted on: August 25, 2023, in Blog

Silverfish do not pose a danger to humans, but they can cause significant harm to various household items. These versatile feeders are attracted to a wide range of food sources, with a particular preference for items high in starch, protein, or sugar.

To extract starchy carbohydrates, silverfish feed on starched clothing and also consume clothes stained with sugary foods or beverages to fulfill their sugar requirements. They are not interested in clothes for the fabric itself, but rather for the nourishing substances often present in or on the fabric.

To prevent silverfish from damaging your clothing during storage, here are five tips to follow:

  1. Clean clothes before storing them: It’s important to thoroughly wash your clothing before storing it for extended periods, especially if there are spills or food stains. Storing unwashed clothing can attract silverfish due to the presence of sugary or starchy residues.
  2. Wrap clothing in nylon netting: Silverfish are not attracted to nylon because it lacks cellulose or sugar content. Therefore, wrapping your clothing in nylon netting before storage can discourage their infestation.
  3. Use cedar and lavender: The natural essential oils found in cedar and lavender act as effective deterrents for silverfish. Fill old stockings with a combination of cedar and lavender, or consider using dried lemon peels, mint, or rosemary. Hang these in your wardrobe to repel silverfish.
  4. Try freezing: Freezing your clothing is an unconventional method to eliminate silverfish. These pests and their eggs cannot withstand extremely cold temperatures, resulting in their eventual demise.
  5. Prevent dampness and maintain regular cleaning: Like most pests, silverfish are attracted to dark and moist environments. To prevent their infestation, make sure to have proper ventilation by regularly airing your wardrobe. Check for and fix any leaks that contribute to moisture buildup. Also, clean and vacuum your cupboards regularly.

By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of silverfish damage to your clothing during storage.

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