Batty facts about bats: Part 2

Posted on: August 11, 2022, in Blog

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Bat exclusion work in South Africa can only take place between May and September of each year. Service Master uses humane methods to get bats out of your roof without harming them.

Here are some more interesting facts about bats and bat control solutions Service Master offers.

Batty Facts about Bats

  • Bats can live more than 30 years and can fly at speeds of almost 100km per hour!
  • Some Mexican free-tailed bats can fly up to 402 km in a single night.
  • In West Africa, small woolly bats live in large spider webs.
  • Bats have variously been called “flutterers,” “bald mice,” “old batters,” “fleder mauser,” “slang bats,” and “vagabonds.”
  • Bats make up about 20% of all classified mammal species globally.
  • In China and Japan, bats are symbols of happiness. In Chinese, the words for “bat” and “good fortune” are both pronounced “fu.”
  • The bats that feed on frogs can tell the difference between safe and poisonous frogs by listening to the male frog’s call.

Service Master’s Bat Control Solutions

Bat assessments
We send an experienced service specialist to undertake an assessment of your roof in order to confirm the presence and specific location of the bats, determine primarily whether or not bat exclusion is possible and the extent of the work that would need to be done. A full written report is given with our recommendations and quotations.

Bat exclusion

Bat Exclusion work entails safely removing the bats from their roosting area (usually inside a roof void) by means of one-way valves, and thereafter we undertake to permanently seal up any obvious & accessible holes in the roof that the bats are currently using as access points.


To prevent bats from hanging on the eaves, strong pvc mesh or rhino board is placed where the roof meets the wall. Helium balloons can also be used to “float” under the eaves to discourage the bats from roosting. Areas that usually need attention are at the gable apices, beneath the ridge tiles and between the slats of air vents.

If you have a bat problem, the time is now to contact Service Master for an inspection and to advise and administer the best treatment.

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