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Posted on: May 8, 2020, in Blog

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Did you know that it is illegal to kill bats in South Africa? Bat exclusion work in South Africa can only take place between May and September of each year. Service Master uses humane methods to get bats out of your roof without harming them. 

Here are some interesting facts about these fascinating creatures of the night.

Healthy Appetite

Mexican free-tailed bats have quite an appetite. It is said that a single bat can catch up to 1,200 small insects in an hour! Bracken Cave in Texas has a population of 20 million of brown bats that can eat about 200 tons of insects each night!

Birds do it, bees do it…some fruits need bats…to do it.

Over 300 species of fruits depend on bats for pollination. Bats also help spread seeds like nuts, figs and even cacao!

Bats clean themselves

Like cats, bats tend to their own grooming. The colonial bat, even groom each other! It not only keeps their fur clean, but also helps to control parasites.

Bat Pups

Bats will mostly have one pup per year. Bat mommies can find their own baby between millions of other bats by their unique voice and scent.

Bat droppings can be used to give an extra BANG in explosives!

In the American Civil War, they extracted the saltpeter from guano, a fancy word for bat droppings, to use in gunpowder and explosives.

There’s so many…

Bats make up about 20% of all classified mammal species globally and live on every continent except Antarctica.

It’s so small!

The pipistrelle bat weighs less than 10 grams and is only as long as a person’s little finger. Yet it can eat 3,000 insects in one night!

We recommend every property owner has an annual assessment (Min callout fee) to check what is going on in their property’s roof and on your property. We send an experienced service specialist to undertake an assessment of your roof in order to confirm the location and presence of the bats, determine primarily whether or not bat exclusion is possible and the extent of the work that would need to be done. A full written report is given with our recommendations and quotations.

Contact Us today to get your property assessed for the best bat control solution.

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