DIY Remedies for Fruit Flies

Posted on: December 20, 2019, in Blog

Fruit flies can be a problem year round, but are especially common during late summer/autumn because they are attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables.

There are various commercial pesticides available that can curb the problem and in certain cases it is advisable to get a Pest Control Company to handle chronic fly infestations at the source.

Here are a few DIY remedies to banish fruit flies from your kitchen:

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Fruit flies can’t resist the scent of vinegar. You can make a DIY fly trap by pouring a little apple cider vinegar into a cup and covering it with a piece of plastic film, securing it with a rubber band. Poke a few holes in the top for the fruit flies to enter. Once they are lured inside from the strong vinegar smell, they won’t be able to escape.

Paper Cone & Old Fruit

Fruit flies’, as the name implies, first love is a pungent piece of over ripe fruit. Take a small piece of over ripe fruit and place it in a jar with vinegar added. Roll a piece of paper in a cone and place it in the jar. The flies won’t be able to resist the fruit and once inside, the paper cone will prevent the fly from escaping.

Dishwashing Liquid

If your flies prove to be too sneaky for your plastic wrap or cone traps, try this simple trick. Pour vinegar into a bowl and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, leaving it uncovered. The soap will cut the surface tension, causing the flies to sink and drown. If you don’t have vinegar or would like to experiment, leftover wine and beer have also proved to attract flies.

If you have tried everything and you cannot get your fruit fly infestation under control –  Contact Service Master to take the first step towards a completely fly free business or home.


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