How to get rid of bird lice

Posted on: November 4, 2020, in Blog

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Bird lice, also known as bird mites, originate in birds like chickens, pigeons, sparrows, and starlings — but also live near bird nests. They live on and feed on the blood of birds, but can also bite humans.

Even though humans are not a natural host of bird lice, their bites can lead to a bacterial infection. 

Sometimes, birds will build their nest in attics, chimneys, on top of external air conditioning units and within small cracks of a home. If birds living in a nearby nest become infected, bird lice can infest the structure, putting humans at risk of bites.

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid contact with birds and bird nests, but what other measures can you use to eradicate the problem?

Service Master has various solutions to remove the threat of unwanted bird lice infestations:

Bird lice spray

Bird lice are treated by means of a residual insecticidal spray. Below the ceiling, inside offices or homes and inside factories where bird lice cause problems with staff can also be sprayed on a knockdown basis. However, bird lice spray alone is only a temporary short term solution. Spraying will not be enough to keep the problem at bay. It will keep coming back if the birds and nests are not dealt with at the same time.

Nest Removal

All bird nests (with their young and eggs) are safely removed from the problem area and from site, and the immediate adjacent area cleaned up of nesting material. We suggest a lice spray afterwards

Bird Capture

A bird capture program can be undertaken, where we feed and trap the birds in cages, usually after hours when the staff aren’t on site. We will remove the birds from your premises for safe release.

Bird Proofing

After removal of the birds and nests, sometimes bird proofing needs to be undertaken to ensure the birds (and their pesky lice) do not return to the same area. There are many different means of doing this. A few include using bird netting, mesh or bird spikes depending on the situation.

These are but a few ways that we can help you to get rid of bird lice or control unwanted birds at your home or business. 

Read more about our bird control & bird proofing methods HERE or Contact Us to access the situation and advise and administer the most effective bird lice and bird control solution for your environment.

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