How to prevent flies invading your workplace

Posted on: November 22, 2022, in Blog

As it starts getting warmer with the change of the seasons, flies start becoming a problem. There are few things as annoying as flies. They donโ€™t just invade our homes, but can be a problem at businesses as well. Here are a few tips to prevent flies invading your workplace and becoming office enemy #1!!

Designated eating area

The number 1 attraction for flies is food! If your staff members eat at their desks, they might leave food crumbs or debris in their workspace. It is advisable to rather have a communal area for staff to eat, that gets cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.

Keep the dustbins sealed and shut

An open dustbin will attract flies. Ensure all dustbins can seal properly when not in use and that they are cleaned out on a regular, daily preferable, basis. Large rubbish bins should also be kept a distance away from your work area.

Minimise access

Open windows and doors are an open invitation for flies to move in. Keep the windows and doors shut or invest in fly screens for the windows, especially for your kitchen.

The primary method of fly control is clearly good sanitation, excluding flies from the building and removing the food or organic matter that is attracting them.

Our recommendation for fly control is to install Insect Light Trap units. These robust yet attractive units use UV (ultra violet) light to attract the flies that will be trapped by the stick boards. The boards are removable and should be cleaned once a month. Another option for smaller areas indoors is to use Automatic Aerosol dispensers.

Call Service Master for the best fly control solutions for your business. We can do treatments once-off or can service your business for all pest prevention on a regular basis. Ask our friendly staff about our Business Pest Control packages.

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