Why are mosquitoes so hard to swat?

Posted on: November 7, 2022, in Blog

All of us have been plagued at night by mosquitoes. These little flying blood suckers might be small, but they are quite tricky to swat! There is actually quite an easy explanation for it!

Fast as lighting: 

Mosquitoes fly at about 2km per hour. That does not sound fast, but for their size, it is the equivalent of a human flying 200km an hour!

They see you coming: 

Mosquitoes’ eyes are big and round and multifaceted, so they are quite capable of seeing above and behind themselves. You can’t sneak up on a mosquito easily.

You’re too slow: 

Your hand moves slower than they fly and has more distance to cover. The mosquito doesn’t need to move far to get away from your face, while your big and slow hand has to travel all the way to your head.

They are quick thinkers: 

When you decide to hit a mosquito, a signal goes from your brain to your spinal cord to your arm muscles to start the hand in motion. The time it takes is a few milliseconds. That sounds impressive, but once the mosquito sees motion, a signal from its brain goes to its nerve cord to its wing muscles, and the time ends up being a fraction of a nanosecond. They think and act 100 times faster than you can. Your hand never really had a chance!

You can start combating mosquitoes by following good sanitation processes, excluding mosquitoes from the building with insect screens and getting rid of any standing water in pot plants and blocked drains and gutters.

Our recommendation for mosquito control is to install Insect Light Trap units. These robust yet attractive units use UV (ultra violet) light to attract the flying insects that will be trapped by the stick boards. The boards are removable and should be cleaned once a month. Another option for smaller areas indoors is to use Automatic Aerosol dispensers.

Contact Service Master today so that we can give you the best mosquito control solutions for your home or business.

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