3 Best Ways to Naturally get rid of Snakes in Your Home

Posted on: March 7, 2019, in Blog

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When it comes to scary pests, snakes may very well be at the top of the list. Many of us have grown to be deeply afraid of these slithery creatures. A big reason being that there are some species that are venomous and in fact deadly. The most threatening of these include the black mamba, the puff adder and Mozambique spitting cobra. Thankfully, it is quite uncommon for these specific snakes to enter your home or garden. If you do see a snake near your house it is more than likely one of the non-venomous variety. Even so, you likely want to stop these pesky pests getting anywhere near you. Here are some helpful tips that allow you to do just that!

3 Tips to Solve your Snake Problem Today

  1. Remove their food source. Snakes love to eat rodents, rats, mice, insects and frogs, so make sure you remove their food source. Practice effective rodent control, don’t leave pet-food out and seal rubbish bins so you are not attracting rats and mice, which in turn attracts snakes.
  2. Remove hiding places. Cut back plants, bushes and vegetation around your building. Ensure the yard is clear of piles of garden refuse, building rubble, tyres, bricks – basically anywhere that snakes would love to hide. In turn, make sure you remove any rat hiding places too.
  3. Physically block snakes from entering. Seal up all openings, cracks and crevices, check spaces under external doors, seal gaps around holes where pipes enter walls. Also check holes under eaves into your roof and outbuildings, garages and storerooms.

By following these tips, you will be better equipped for stopping snakes entering the building. The unfortunate truth is that even with all this in mind, these slithery reptiles may still roam into your home. We are able to assist you at this stage with our snake repellent service. Our snake repellent service involves an external application of a specialised snake repellent chemical around your premises, to minimise the risk of snakes entering your home or place of work. It is an approved, tested and patented snake repellent, successful against all snakes whether they are venomous or non-venomous.

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