5 Benefits of making use of professional window cleaning services

Posted on: March 9, 2021, in Blog

First impressions count! Your business or home’s windows are one of the first things people notice when they come to visit. There is nothing more unsightly than having dirty streaky windows.

Service Master don’t only offer pest control services. We also clean windows. Before you grab a bucket with water and rags, consider these following points why it might be better to make use of our window cleaning services. We specialise in cleaning all windows from homes to blocks of flats to office buildings, nothing is too big or too small.


Getting to hard to reach windows can be tricky and perilous at times if you do not have high enough ladders. We make use of a telescopic pole system that can reach heights of 20 meters from the ground. For windows higher than 20 meters, we offer conventional methods such as ladder access window cleaning, scaffolding and cherry picker services. Our teams take the greatest care with regards to safety and will assess and advise on alternative solutions.

Streak free windows

Tap water has impurities and minerals that cause streaking when you wash windows. We make use of a process called Reverse Osmosis that filters out all the impurities, resulting in absolutely pure water. The amazing part is when the water dries after cleaning there are absolutely no streaks or water droplet marks whatsoever (which you would get if normal tap water was used!). The pure water also sterilises the window surface, so it stays cleaner for longer.

Save money and time

We do once off window cleaning services, but we also offer contracts for regular cleaning services. What is great is that if you make use of our contract window cleaning service, we can offer a reduced price. We can do regular two-weekly, monthly, two-monthly, quarterly or six monthly services. We will arrange an easy, flexible plan for you.

Tailor made for you

We don’t only clean the outside of windows. You can specify exactly what you want us to clean such as only internal surfaces and/or external surfaces, only inaccessible windows etc.

Environmentally friendly

Due to our water fed pole system cleaning services that makes use of reverse osmosis purified water, we don’t have to make use of any window cleaning chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly window cleaning process.

If you need window cleaning services at your home or office, Contact Us today to discuss your options or a quote. Durban, KZN South Coast (based in Port Shepstone, both Gauteng branches being East Rand and Tshwane East offer window cleaning.

Once our quotation is accepted we will automatically contact you to book and undertake your services. You do not need to remember each month or when they are due, your window cleaning will just happen!

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