Keeping your home pest free while on holiday

Posted on: November 30, 2021, in Blog

The holidays are upon us and after a couple of years with travel restrictions, people are raring to travel again for the holidays. We have discussed before which precautions you can take to aid pest prevention when your business closes for December. Here are a few tips for pest prevention at your home, while you go on holiday.

Treat your home & pets for fleas before you go on holiday. Vacuum your house (including your tile and wood floors) a day or two before you leave, to ensure that you get rid of any flea eggs that might hatch while you are away.ย 

Cockroaches, rats and mice will go after spilled or open food. Ensure your bins are all cleaned out and that there is no food left on the kitchen counter, especially items such as fruit and bread. Flies also lay eggs in dirty bins, so make sure to wash out the bin as well after emptying it.ย 

Ensure there are no cracks or openings around your home, to minimise access while you are away. Rodents, crawling insects and even bats and birds can access your house while it is vacant.

If you are renting out your house while you go on holiday, it is also advisable to have your home deep disinfected. Our microbial fog prevents the build up of pathogens even after it has been applied, so it does have a residual effect. It is also laboratory tested and certified to kill human coronavirus on surfaces, as well as most other viruses and bacteria that you cannot see.

Mosquitoes are also more active in summer. Get rid of standing water, pot plants and blocked drains, to minimise viable breeding habitat for mosquitoes. If you have guests staying in your house while you are away, ensure you have mosquito spray or mosquito repellent dispensers in the rooms.

Even if you do take precaution for pest prevention, sometimes the critters will still find a way to invade your home. If you come home to a pest infestation after your holidays, please Contact Us for the best pest control solution.

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